The LED Lamp For Outdoor Use

Apollo Smart Lights – The ideal LED lamp for outdoor use that is highly cost-effective. The robust die cast aluminum housing with its finned surface guarantees excellent heat management. Being certified to insulation class IP 67, this lamp also functions even under extreme ambient conditions and meets the toughest safety standards. Using the patented freely adjustable symmetrical reflectors, the angle of radiation can be set as desired both vertically and horizontally (54° – 160°). The angle settings can be made via the reflectors that are screwed directly onto the housing assuring optimal light output.



  • Max. energy consumption
    55W, 75W, 100W, 112W, 125W 150W
  • Light color
    Cold white, neutral white, warm white
  • Housing color
    Aluminum or custom powder coating according to the RAL Color Scale
  • Attachment
    Universal holder for pole or lamp standard attachment
  • Dimming
    Daylight sensor, phase dimming, potentiometer
  • Wireless module
    Optional 900MHz, 2.4GHz, 5GHz MESH
  • Charging regulator
    Independent operation with solar panel and battery, charge current monitoring

Light Output  (Check with company for latest update)

Apollo Smart lights
Max. energy consumption 55W 75W 100W 112W 125W 150W
Power supply 90 – 295 V/AC main power supply or 10 – 14 V/DC without power supply
Color Rendering Index cold white > 80
Sample Configurations
1 x 12 LEDs 1 x 12 LEDs 1 x 36 LEDs 1 x 24 LEDs 1 x 36 LEDs 1 x 48 LEDs
Radiation angle w/ Reflector 54° x 140°
Lighting intensity w/ Reflector 54 – 5lx 51lx – 6lx 59lx – 5lx 66lx – 5lx 69lx – 5lx 72lx – 6lx
Luminous flux w/ Reflector 1300 lm 2100 lm 3800 lm 4200 lm 6300 lm 8400 lm
Install height w/ Reflector 3-9m 4-11m 5-16m 5-18m 6-22m 7-24m
Illuminated area Minium @1 lux 17.5x8m @3m 22.5x10m @4m 29.5x13m @5m 30×13.5m @5m 36×16.5m @6m 43.8×18.8m @7m
Illuminated area Max @1 lux 24.5x15m @9m 31x19m @11m 42.5×25.5m @16 45×27.5m @18m 55x33m @22m 65.5x39m @ 24m
Radiation angle NO Reflector 96° x 132°
Lighting intensity NO reflector 26 – 5lx 29lx – 5lx 26lx – 5lx 28lx – 5lx 30lx – 5lx 28lx – 5lx
Luminous flux NO reflector 1400 lm 2300 lm 3900 lm 4500 lm 6500 lm 9000 lm
Install height NO Reflector 3-6m 4-8m 5-11m 5-12m 6-14m 7-16m
Illuminated area Minium @1 lux 16.5x10m 22x13m @3m 28×16.5m @4m 29x17m @ 5m 34x20m @5m 39.8x23m @6m
Illuminated area Max @1 lux 25x14m 32.5x18m @6 43×24.5m @8m 46x26m @11m 56.5x31m 12m 65.5×35.5m @14m
Photometric data NO Reflector Photometric data w/ Reflector