Apollo Smart Lights is not just a manufacturer and distributor of efficient lighting but a solutions company that is able to provide a turnkey high tech LED lighting solution for any metropolitan area. Apollo has combined LED Lighting, Wireless MESH, Sensors, Infrared and Video into a single design. Apollo not only has a propriety line of wireless products but also vendor natural solutions to work with any existing infrastructure.

Apollo LED + Wireless

SL LED Series: Two-way, Mesh wireless network using licensed or license free spectrum in the 900MHz thru 5GHz frequency range. Used for control, monitoring, SCADA and Smart Grid applications.

Apollo LED + Sensor

SL LED Series are motion sensor-equipped streetlights, dim to 20 percent power when no people or moving vehicles are near them and as a car or person approaches its output goes up to 100%.

Apollo LED + Infrared & Camera

The Eos LED Series has a non-intrusive built in Hemispheric camera that achieves a 180° view. Using the infrared option the EOS-IR can operate when visible light is turned off.